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A State of Trance

Trance is a fascinating state of consciousness that has played a significant role in human history and society. It is a state of semi-consciousness in which a person is not fully self-aware and may be unresponsive to external stimuli or selectively responsive to certain triggers 2. Trance can be induced through various means such as music, dance, prayer, and even possession.

The concept of trance has deep roots in religious and spiritual practices. Possession trance, for instance, involves a profound and intimate connection between a devotee and a divine entity 3. This form of trance is characterized by the devotee being “taken over” by the divine, resulting in a dramatic display of altered consciousness.

Trance is not solely limited to religious contexts. It has also played a crucial role in the evolution and formation of human society. Trance states, whether induced through music, dance, or prayer, have been instrumental in forging connections among individuals and shaping social bonds 4. The transcendent experiences encountered during trance have brought people together, fostering a sense of unity and community.

Armin Van Buuren Label

One prominent example of trance in modern times is the phenomenon known as “A State of Trance.” A State of Trance is a popular radio show hosted by Armin van Buuren that showcases the latest and greatest in trance music 1. This long-running program has become a platform for trance enthusiasts worldwide to connect and celebrate the genre.

Trance also exhibits a key distinguishing feature: the subject retains consciousness and demonstrates signs of intelligence while in the trance state 5. Unlike other altered states of consciousness, trance allows the individual to remain aware of their surroundings and exhibit cognitive abilities.

In conclusion, trance is a unique state of consciousness that has left a profound impact on human history and society. It can be induced through various means and has been integral to religious practices, social bonding, and even modern music culture. Its ability to alter consciousness while maintaining awareness sets it apart from other altered states. Trance continues to captivate and unite individuals, transcending boundaries and bringing people together in .

a state of trance is a big label of armin van buuren .


Trance music has become one of the most influential and popular genres in the electronic dance music scene. This article aims to provide an in-depth exploration of the state of trance, covering its origins, popular subgenres, and notable artists.

Origins of Trance Music: Trance music emerged in the early 1990s in Germany, with influences from techno, house, and classical music. It found its roots in the vibrant rave culture of Europe at the time. One of the pioneers of trance music is German DJ and producer, Paul van Dyk. His 1993 track “For an Angel” is widely regarded as one of the earliest trance anthems, establishing the distinctive sound and euphoric atmosphere associated with the genre.

Popular Subgenres of Trance:

  1. Progressive Trance: Progressive trance is characterized by its melodic and gradual build-up, often incorporating elements of house music. It focuses on creating a smooth and atmospheric journey for the listener. Notable artists in this subgenre include Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond, and Chicane.
  2. Uplifting Trance: Uplifting trance is known for its energetic beats, soaring melodies, and uplifting themes. It aims to create a euphoric and emotional experience for the audience. Artists like Aly & Fila, Gareth Emery, and Ferry Corsten are prominent figures in uplifting trance.
  3. Psy Trance: Psy trance, short for psychedelic trance, is characterized by its hypnotic rhythms, distorted sounds, and futuristic vibes. It often features trippy visuals and is associated with the underground rave culture. Artists such as Infected Mushroom, Vini Vici, and Astrix are at the forefront of the psy trance scene.

Notable Artists in Trance

  1. Armin van Buuren: Armin van Buuren, a Dutch DJ and producer, is considered one of the pioneers and icons of trance music. His radio show “A State of Trance” has been running for over two decades and has become a platform for showcasing the latest trance tracks from around the world. he is owner of a state of trance and armada label .
  2. Above & Beyond: Above & Beyond, a British trance trio, has gained immense popularity for their emotional and uplifting tracks. Their label, Anjunabeats, has become synonymous with quality trance music and has helped numerous artists establish their careers.
  3. Tiësto: Tiësto, a Dutch DJ and producer, has contributed significantly


Trance music is a genre that has captivated millions of music enthusiasts around the world. It emerged in the early 1990s and quickly gained popularity due to its unique sound and distinctive characteristics. Derived from the combination of techno, house, and ambient music styles, trance music is known for its mesmerizing beats, melodic harmonies, and ethereal atmosphere.

What sets trance music apart is its ability to induce a state of trance-like euphoria and transcendence in its listeners. The repetitive nature of the beats and melodies creates a hypnotic effect, allowing listeners to lose themselves in the music and enter a heightened state of consciousness. This makes trance music not only a form of entertainment but also a powerful tool for self-discovery, meditation, and spiritual exploration.

The significance of trance music extends beyond its ability to create a trance-like experience. It has influenced various subcultures, such as the rave and club scene, where dedicated followers gather to immerse themselves in the immersive and otherworldly soundscapes. Trance music has also paved the way for the development of many subgenres, including progressive trance, uplifting trance, and psytrance, each with its own unique characteristics and fan base. a state of trance is big label in history of trance music .


Moreover, trance music has become a global phenomenon, with dedicated festivals and events held worldwide, attracting thousands of enthusiasts who share a common love for the genre. These gatherings not only showcase the talents of renowned DJs and producers but also foster a sense of unity and connection among attendees.

In conclusion, trance music is a genre that goes beyond mere entertainment. It has the power to transport listeners to a state of trance and provides a unique platform for self-expression, spirituality, and connection. With its infectious beats, enchanting melodies, and dedicated fan base, trance music continues to influence and shape the music industry and the lives of its followers.


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