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Pourya Feredi Returns with New Single “Unlimited Night”

Pourya Feredi, a popular Iranian singer and songwriter, made his comeback to the music scene on March 8, 2024, with a new song called “Unlimited Night.” The song has been released in the trance genre and has been well-received by fans of this style of music.

  • Song Description:
    • Genre: Trance
    • Release Date: March 8, 2024
    • Audience: Fans of trance music
    • Characteristics: Captivating melody, fast rhythm, beautiful lyrics, diversity and creativity in the use of sounds and music techniques
  • Reactions to the Song:
    • Acclaim from fans
    • Positive reviews from critics
    • Topping the trance music charts
  • Future of the Song:
    • Potential to become one of the popular songs of 2024
    • Possibility of international acclaim


The release of “Unlimited Night” has once again demonstrated that Pourya Feredi is one of the most creative and innovative artists in Iranian music. With this song, he has proven that he is always looking for new experiences and is dedicated to presenting high-quality music to his audience.

Pourya Feredi “Unlimited Night” Receives Support from Trance Legend DJ Casepeat

Iranian producer Pourya feredi latest single, “Unlimited Night,” has gained significant traction within the trance music scene, with none other than the legendary DJ Casepeat himself lending his support.

Released on March 8, 2024, “Unlimited Night” quickly captivated fans with its infectious melody, driving rhythm, and beautiful lyrics. The song’s creative use of sounds and production techniques has also garnered praise from music critics.

DJ Casepeat endorsement adds another layer of excitement to the release. The influential DJ, known for his high-energy sets and ability to identify rising talent, has reportedly shared new Pourya feredi music with his followers, further propelling the track into the spotlight.

This news comes as “Unlimited Night” continues to climb the trance music charts, solidifying its position as a potential contender for one of the year’s biggest hits. Feredi dedication to pushing boundaries and experimenting with his sound is clearly resonating with audiences worldwide.

With DJ Casepeat support and the song’s undeniable infectious energy, “Unlimited Night” is poised to become a major anthem within the trance community and beyond.

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